Saturday, August 9, 2008

Will I Look Any Different?

I was set to start my day early with all these errands I have to get done before next week. That didn't happen. I haven't been feeling good these last few days and decided to sleep it off and relax. I feel a little better.

So John Edwards admitted to an affair with that Hunter woman a couple of years ago. He also says he isn't the father of her little girl and is willing to take a paternity test. Edwards also states he is no longer seeing this woman. Then why did the National Enquirer of all publications catch him last month in the Los Angeles area visiting her and her baby late one night? That isn't good. I read the Enquirer's account and it was pretty juicy. His wife, Elizabeth has already vowed to stand by Edwards. She probably wouldn't if he wasn't in politics though. This should play out in the media for a while.

I came across this old photo of the Dawson's Creek cast back in their heyday. They sure have come a long way. James Van Der Beek has been married like 5 years and guested on, I wanna say, Ugly Betty. Joshua Jackson is dating Diana Kruger and has a new show coming out. And we all know what's up with Michelle Williams and the other lady.

I'm going to get a haircut and deep condition in San Fran now. Maybe I'll go for a new look? And then afterwards, off to get mildly intoxicated.

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