Friday, August 15, 2008

The Practice

The grievance I have is that they fired almost the entire cast of The Practice and then spun off Boston Legal dissolving the original. Even Dylan McDermott got the ax. That was unfortunate. Oh, Dylan McDermott. Where is he now (besides going off and getting divorced) that his latest venture back into the small screen fizzled last year? What was the name of that unsuccessful program? My mind has been going blank on me lately and frankly, I'm not liking it. So if anyone can tell me, I'll buy you a coke (a sukar coke). I know that Michael Vartan co-starred with Dylan. See, that's who Jennifer Aniston should set her sights on. Either of those two! They're both so WOW! She should just try, just try. Unless she has already and they turned her down.

Back to The Practice; I remember when me and Dental Mommy were so into this show. She referred to Dylan as "helmet head" cuz his hair was so tightly shaped and structured. We even went to Camryn Manheim's book signing in Menlo Park! What's that about? I'll show you pictures.

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