Thursday, August 7, 2008

Are you having a laugh?

So “BOOM” (my nickname for Diamond Girl) has been visiting me lately. It’s so odd, when I’m driving home at night the backlight on my phone turns on showing me the wallpaper picture I have of her. There she is staring right at me with her big brown eyes, so I end up talking to her for a little bit. I know it sounds crazy, but why in the hell would my damn phone keep doing that. It’s never happened before…..yeah it can be some kind of electrical issue, but I’m sticking to my guns and saying it’s the little lady saying HI DADDY! We actually have been experiencing some paranormal activity at the house too. Doors creaking open, voices heard, G-Bert barking at nothing, my specs being moved by itself, shadows and light beams in form of a little girl in the hallway…….stuff like that. Nothing scary though…….it’s just our little “Bodyguard” BOOM!

The “Twihards” went to the Midnight release party for Stephenie Meyer’s new book, Breaking Dawn, last Friday. It was pretty funny to see other fans of this phenomenon. Mostly teen girls, some older ladies, a few dudes. There were some that dressed up and some that made t-shirts. All were pretty lame except for 2 shirts of course (you know who I’m talking about). There was a girl with plastic forks taped all over her body for god’s sake……come on now! She won best costume thanks to us……we cheered for that hopeless young lady. Overall it was a fun experience, mainly due to the people I was with. 500 pages to go… spoilers please! "BILLY BLACK!!" Maybe I’ll be him for Halloween this year…..wheelchair and all, except mine will have rims.

I hate loud talkers on BART, especially ones on their cell phones. Thanks, now I know what you did last night and where you’re going on vacation, all I need is your SS# and your address and I’m set! Another thing that bugs the S**T out me are people that stand on the left side on BART station escalators. There’s an unwritten rule you know, standers to the right. Every morning there’s an unknowing fool that clogs up the up side, “move aside douche I got to get to work, I’m late……..again!”

Not all is annoying with BART. I do get a kick out of a few things. Like when I see someone racing down the escalator or stairs because they hear a train getting ready to leave. Seeing it’s their train to catch, they run even faster towards the doors – then BAM! the doors closes. “Aw that’s too bad they missed their train”….that always puts a smile on my face! Don’t know why I’m amused by this, maybe it’s the effort or the looks on their faces when they don’t make it……”jeez people relax, there’s another one coming in 10 minutes”.

I've noticed that bad drivers are usually.......................................on their cell phones. Ha! You thought I was going to say something else huh? Like an ethnic race that begins with a "C"...........Nope can't do it, that just won't be right.....

Yes it’s true. G-Bert is growing into a “woman”. We had to leave her training session last night because of it. The trainers told me that she couldn’t be there because she was “in season”. I said “she’s in season? What is she, a sweater?” Anyways, we have to wait 3 weeks until we can go back.

“Are you having a laugh? Is she having a laugh?”

eeps to my very own “Bella” and to Mop Head. I miss you Boom……
-junior a.k.a. abono


"Younger Sibling..." said...

nice read....yeah, BART is its own little world...


Anonymous said...

woohoo! TEAM JACOB all the way.. a little tidbit.. did you know that the person who designed the 2 shirts also designed the shirt for miley cyrus on teen choice awards? the m&m crew one..
anyways, great blog.. laughed a lot especially about G-Bert.. and we too miss your little Diamond Girl.. LT (as Flower Girl calls her..) especially.. i never got to tell you guys but when something mysterious disappears or breaks.. LT blames it on the Diamond Girl.. alrighty.. Hi to "Ate" Diamond Girl from Maxi Pad! (cruel i know :P )

The Flower Girl said...

If I'm your Bella does that mean u consider yourself Edward? Damn...thats a stretch! Just kidding! You know you're hot! Thin is in!

Mop Head aka Googley Eyes needs a haircut.

Wow...all the Cruz siblings blogged already. Who's next?