Monday, August 25, 2008

Do You Fondue?

I want to say that it was maybe two months ago when Goose, Buster and I had dinner @ this Fondue restaurant (Buster's pick) and it was the longest dinner ever! In fact, I still think it's going on. Because of the type of place it was, I would understand it would take a little bit longer, but it felt outright like an eternity. It sounded as if we were even repeating our conversation. Where can you buy a dress? (8:30)

Were can you buy a dress? (10:00)

We felt sorry for the patrons coming in close to 10:00; they had no idea that they should have brought their pajamas and some blankets.

The three of us will be attempting another establishment (not fondue) soon. My choice this time so here's hoping we won't need luggage.

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