Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Winona Ryder Stays Cool

Where has Winona Ryder been hiding these days? Do enough people care? Maybe so. She has been filming movies this year. She wrapped The Private Lives of Pippa Lee recently and here she is on set for her current gig, Stay Cool.I think she may be trying to relive her Lucas days. Isn't this how she looked (hair wise) in that movie? She is aging nicely, I must admit.

Sadly, she broke up with her musician boyfriend, Blake Sennett. That's unfortunate. Maybe her and "Rae Rae" Green can get together and have sangria since "Rae Rae" also broke up with her musician boyfriend, John Mayer.

What was Winona's character's name on Heather's? It's bugging me. I know I can easily look it up but I'll torture myself by wracking my brain. I keep thinking Angela but I know that's not it.

Corn nuts, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Winona's name was Veronica in "Heathers."

She looks great in that photo! I hope she makes a comeback. We need more people like her around more often!

Clay said...

Veronica Sawyer...duh...I love that movie. I lived for that movie back in high school. You got me the limited edition tin set with the yearbook and class ruler while I was in the hospital so long ago. Do you remember?