Friday, August 15, 2008

Edward Cullen, Is That You?

Robert Pattinson was out clubbing last night @ Les Deux. And he wore that shirt to an event some weeks back. Unless you've been living under a rock, you all know that Pattinson will playing Lestat, oops! wrong vampire. He'll be portraying Edward Cullen to Kristen Stewart's "Bella." Am I getting that part right, Twilight gang? During filming, Stewart was only allowed on set no more than 5 hours a day since she was not 18 yet. So the director said that was proving difficult as she is in almost every scene. Is she really? Luckily, her birthday did come around during the shoot and they jacked up her hours big time.

Here is Sir Pattinson @ the Comic-Con convention last July.

And speaking of Les Deux, that is/was The Hills' Lauren Conrad and company's fave spot. I was reading a comment in Entertainment Weekly about Conrad's feature cover on the magazine recently. The reader said he'd rather stare @ a blank piece of paper than read her issue. Classic! I laughed so hard last night little drummer girl was like, "Hey! What's so funny?!"

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Anonymous said...

Just to add to your comment about LC...I was watching the E channel and they showed a pic of Lauren and the host goes, "And why are you famous?" Hahahahaha...Buster.