Sunday, August 3, 2008

Teen Choice

I better pass this Managerial Accounting class I'm currently taking. I've studied my butt off the last three days. How bummed I'll be if I'm less than stellar. Thursday is the final and the end.

F-mont had its annual arts and wine festival this weekend; I think. I overheard the grocery checker asking the customer in front of me how it went. I knew I should've gone. Wine! Hula kuya checked it out.

People unveiled their cover of Brad and Angelina's twins earlier. Shiloh does look adorable holding her baby sister. Oh, Shiloh...

David Beckham will be appearing on Sesame Street's 39th season premiere on August 11th. His LA Galaxy team played our local San Jose Earthquakes. Who won?

Oh, to be a teen again. And to look forward to the Teen Choice awards. They're currently going on in LA right now and will be broadcast Monday, August 4th @ 8pm on FOX. Miley Cyrus is hosting.

Here's Rainn Wilson from The Office.
The Jonas Brothers (I haven't heard one song from this trio. Are they the new Hanson?).
It's Scarlett Johansson.
Chad Michael Murray of One Tree Hill fame.
Look, it's Brian Austin Green (just come back David Silver).
Of course, Gossip Girl won something.
And so did Will Smith.
Steve Carell for TV actor.
Chad Michael Murray and Leighton Meester.
Ooh, Channing Tatum.
Darn, my nail just broke in half. Band-aid time.

I gotta go. I gotta go.

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