Monday, August 11, 2008

Kelly Rutherford aka Megan Mancini

I am this close to falling over the side of my chair. I'm having a bit of vertigo going on @ the moment. I was going to ask Les if I can just go home but I'm trying to stick it out. That may be a bad idea though.

Ben Stiller's new movie is going to be protested or boycotted due to issues dealing with certain disabilities portrayed in the film? Hmmm...

I need my Inderal. Walgreens better pull through for me and get my prescription filled.

Kelly Rutherford was spotted back on the set of Gossip Girl this morning shooting scenes with TV daughter, Blake Lively. Rutherford either asked for more time off or she was rumored to have suffered some sort of breakdown. The former seems to be the reason (hopefully). They look good together as mother and daughter. Remember when she was on Melrose Place? She was likeable on there even though she initially played a prostitute. She's not even 40. Aahh, Melrose Place. One of the best theme songs in my playbook. Also spotted on set, naturally, Penn Badgley, Leighton Meester (dressed hella nice), and Ed Westwick. No Chace Crawford; he was coming back from Texas.

Jake Gyllenhaal, is that you?

Okay, continuing my 90210 countdown; what's this I hear about Tori Spelling possibly not making an appearance after all as Donna Martin (maybe Silver)? Sources say Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty are making way more money ($30,000 - $50,000 an episode) than her ($10,000 - $15,000) and she wants to be compensated equally. Really, Tori? I don't know. I don't think she'd have as many scenes and storylines as the other two. She should think back to when she was hawking her jewelry on HSN. T (LOL, as jobless hubby, Dean refers to her) should still do it.

Let's share some pudding...

Aahh, Monday, Monday...

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