Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Gotta Cut Loose, Footloose

Last night I was @ a restaurant in the south bay and the oddest thing happened to me in the ladies room. As I was in the clean enough stall; all of a sudden, BAM! The toilet seat came off and landed on the floor leaving me in such an awkward position that I literally had to maneuver myself because I wasn't even done yet. I didn't want spillage on the floor on top of the messed up seat lying there on the ground (BTW, I was only going #1). I just hurried it up and got the hell out of there. And there was another girl in there with me and she didn't even ask if I was okay. It was a ceramic seat so it was a pretty loud thud. I can get myself in some pretty strange predicaments.

Anyhoo...So Katie Holmes is in New York prepping for her stage debut in Arthur Miller's "All My Sons". Previews begin on Sept 18th and she co-stars with Patrick Wilson, John Lithgow, and Dianne Wiest. And speaking of John Lithgow and Dianne Wiest, remember they played Lori Singer's parents on Footloose starring Kevin Bacon? I knew you'd remember. Dianne had that scary look going on in Footloose with the dark hair slicked and tied in a bun. She's a hella good actress.

Robert Pattinson was out @ Sunset Boulevard in LA last night for a Sidekick party for Tony Hawk. Pattinson will star as Edward Cullen in the much anticipated Twilight movie out in December.

Here is a very nice fan made movie poster for Twilight.
Oh, do you know what your credit score is?

Saturday night. Sat-ur-day ni-ght...

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